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There is something exciting about sharing my stories, along with my failures and triumphs and showing people that if I can do it, they can too.

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PO Box. 102
Paradise Point QLD 4216
ABN: 98 461 975 325

Frequently Asked Questions

How far are you willing to travel to a speaking event?

Helen has spoken at international events as well as within Australia. Travel expenses and expectations are covered within the speaker’s agreement.

What topics do you talk about?

There are many topics that Helen can speak on,
These include:

  • Motivational
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Mental health/PTSSD
  • Disaster response
  • Refugee and people seeking Asylum
  • Nursing
  • Sustainable development Goals
  • Women’s leadership

How can I volunteer overseas?

There are many organisations you can volunteer through. Here is a link to the blog that Helen has written with further information.

How can i do a Tedx talk?

‘Helen was invited by the TED event organisers to speak at a locally organised TEDx event so she doesn’t know if there is any other way, some TEDx events may ask for applications to go in, either way, if you are doing outstanding things in the community or in your line of work, then chances are you will be noticed and invited to speak at a TEDx event one day. Here is the link to the blog on FAQ about the Tedx event.

I am a student Nurse/paramedic. Can you mentor me?

One thing Helen is passionate about is sharing her knowledge to students and mentoring them. Unfortunately, as she is involved in so many projects, she is unable to personally mentor students. Please stay in touch and follow her through her social media pages.

Do you speak at events for free?

Helen has reserved a couple of events throughout the year in her calendar that she will speak at free of charge.  These events are for not for profit and fundraising events.

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If your aim is to add meaningful value to your event, with real life experiences and personal narratives, then click here to book Helen.

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