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“I am extremely proud to inspire people, particularly young women, and to be a role model in the community. When people tell me how they have changed after hearing my stories, it makes me realise how my work inspires others, and by sharing my experiences, I really can make a difference.”

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Do you want clinical Nursing input for your project or program that will be delivered in Remote area and Indigenous communities?

Do you need health and disaster risk reduction advice in your area of practice?

Are you wondering how to best look after your volunteers and staff and offer them support upon their return from overseas deployment?

Are you requiring recommendations for your nursing or health program in developing countries?

Do you need someone to teach your program to small groups or deliver a workshop?

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Available for Hourly rates
Half day onsite
full day onsite travel and accommodation as per speakers agreement
remote webinars via zoom
conference via zoom or onsite


Helen has been invited to speak nationally and internationally as a keynote speaker, as a panelist at conferences and a TEDx event.

Helen has also spoken at International Women’s day events, Women’s empowerment conferences as a motivational speaker, at high school awards nights and at university graduations – anywhere that people are looking to be inspired.

Helen can tailor her presentation to suit different audiences, some of her most frequent topics include: Motivational speaking, Women’s empowerment, mental health PTSSD, Disaster Responses – personal narratives from nursing on the frontline, Sustainable development goals, Perseverance and persistence – ‘I can do it!. Audiences that Helen has spoken to include ministers, united national officials, academics, women, high school students. Primary school students and university students.

NDIS Support

Do you require a Clinical Nurse Consultant under the NDIS funding?

For support at home, out in the community or travel away from home?

I am able to assist with access and gaining skills in the community, supervising and assisting clients to live as autonomously as possible, assistance with activities of daily living and self-care and personal supports.

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Fee: as recommended through NDIS funding and a service agreement

“Helen is someone who has worked with people at the ground level and understands the challenges and what is needed to build better healthcare systems. Helen was a wonderful keynote speaker at the summit in Geneva for UNSDG health partnership in May 2019”

Prachi Bisnoi
Program Manager
UNSDG Health Partnership

“Last year students at my school participated in a conference aimed at encouraging them to be mighty girls. The first speaker on the day was humanitarian, Helen Zahos. She was an engaging speaker who shared many stories with the students, inspiring them to also help others. As part of her session, Ms Zahos encouraged the girls to write a letter to a refugee friend, a child in a refugee camp in Greece. This year, Ms Zahos returned to Greece and shared these letters with a group of refugees. She is a remarkable woman who gives so much of her time for others. We were truly blessed to have her join us for our conference. “

Mary Nash
Teacher and Conference Organiser

“Helen, I was one of the students that was at your talk last night. I don’t think I have ever been so inspired in such a short amount of time. Everything you’ve done and achieved is so similar to what I want to do but I have always thought I was dreaming a bit too big for a little Nursing student. But listening to you talk and seeing the living proof that it’s possible was incredible and I don’t think I will ever forget that speech. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us last night. I know I speak for everyone when I say that not only was it incredibly inspiring it was also a massive confidence boost!”

Pip Bowden

Can I get your advice?

My time is precious to me.
While I don’t mind a 10 minute quick conversation, please excuse me if I refer you to this page to book a session where we can discuss your query further. This way I can give it the full attention your story deserves and offer the appropriate advice needed for your circumstances.

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