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“I am extremely proud to inspire people, particularly young women, and to be a role model in the community. When people tell me how they have changed after hearing my stories, it makes me realise how my work inspires others, and by sharing my experiences, I really can make a difference.”

Work with Helen Zahos


Elevate your project or program with the expert clinical insights of Helen Zahos, a seasoned Humanitarian Nurse. Specializing in healthcare delivery in remote areas and Indigenous communities, Helen offers invaluable guidance for optimal outcomes. From health and disaster risk reduction advice to tailored recommendations for nursing and health programs in diverse settings, Helen’s expertise ensures comprehensive support. Additionally, she excels in fostering the well-being of volunteers and staff returning from overseas deployments. Whether you seek personalized tip sheets, consultations for small working groups, or engaging workshops, Helen Zahos brings a professional touch to elevate your initiatives and ensure success.

Available for:
Hourly consultation
Half day onsite
Full day onsite travel and accommodation as per speakers agreement
Remote webinars via zoom
Conference via zoom or onsite
Helen Zahos Consultation


Invite Helen to inspire and engage your audience at events ranging from schools to conferences. With a rich speaking portfolio that spans national and international stages, including TEDx events and conferences, Helen has shared her insights as a keynote speaker and panelist. Her speaking repertoire extends to diverse settings, from International Women’s Day events and women’s empowerment conferences to high school awards nights and university graduations, and leadership conferences offering motivational talks that resonate with various audiences.
Helen’s ability to tailor her presentations ensures relevance and impact, covering topics such as motivational speaking, women’s empowerment, mental health PTSD, disaster responses, sustainable development goals, and perseverance. Her past engagements include reaching ministers, United Nations officials, academics, women, high school students, primary school students, and university students. Bring Helen to your event for an inspiring and tailored speaking experience that captivates and resonates with your audience and will leave them inspired.
Helen Zahos Speaking

NDIS Support

Seeking a Clinical Nurse Consultant with expertise in the National Disability Scheme (NDIS)? Helen Zahos brings a wealth of experience to meet your nursing needs, whether at home, in the community, or during travel. Her proficiency includes facilitating access to community resources, supervising and guiding clients toward increased autonomy, and providing assistance with activities of daily living, self-care, and personal supports. Engage Helen for tailored, compassionate support that aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of NDIS funding.

Fee: as recommended through NDIS funding and a service agreement

Helen Zahos NDIS Support

“Helen is someone who has worked with people at the ground level and understands the challenges and what is needed to build better healthcare systems. Helen was a wonderful keynote speaker at the summit in Geneva for UNSDG health partnership in May 2019”

Prachi Bisnoi
Program Manager
UNSDG Health Partnership

“Last year students at my school participated in a conference aimed at encouraging them to be mighty girls. The first speaker on the day was humanitarian, Helen Zahos. She was an engaging speaker who shared many stories with the students, inspiring them to also help others. As part of her session, Ms Zahos encouraged the girls to write a letter to a refugee friend, a child in a refugee camp in Greece. This year, Ms Zahos returned to Greece and shared these letters with a group of refugees. She is a remarkable woman who gives so much of her time for others. We were truly blessed to have her join us for our conference. “

Mary Nash
Teacher and Conference Organiser

“Helen, I was one of the students that was at your talk last night. I don’t think I have ever been so inspired in such a short amount of time. Everything you’ve done and achieved is so similar to what I want to do but I have always thought I was dreaming a bit too big for a little Nursing student. But listening to you talk and seeing the living proof that it’s possible was incredible and I don’t think I will ever forget that speech. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us last night. I know I speak for everyone when I say that not only was it incredibly inspiring it was also a massive confidence boost!”

Pip Bowden

Seeking Advice:
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Helen truly values your connection, and while she appreciates brief 10-minute conversations, her schedule doesn’t always permit lengthy discussions. Please understand if she guides you to book a session through this page. This ensures your story receives the undivided attention it deserves, allowing her to offer tailored advice that suits your unique circumstances. Your understanding means a lot, and she looks forward to a focused conversation.

Helen Zahos

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